Chirpstack on Loraserver Conneciton Problems AMQP ERR Invalid Password

Hi All,

since 4 days i am struggeling with the installation of on Azure.
First i thought it was my mistake so i deinstalled everything and reinstalled it three times now.
The Tutorial provided is really well written and i followed every step.

When it comes to the Point where i start the Loraserver i get the following error message:

INFO[0000] starting ChirpStack Network Server band=EU_863_870 docs=“” net_id=000000 version=3.12.1
INFO[0000] storage: setting up storage module
INFO[0000] storage: setting up Redis client
INFO[0000] storage: connecting to PostgreSQL
INFO[0000] storage: applying PostgreSQL data migrations
INFO[0000] storage: PostgreSQL data migrations applied count=0
INFO[0000] gateway/azure_iot_hub: setting up service-bus namespace
INFO[0000] gateway/azure_iot_hub: connecting to iot hub
INFO[0000] gateway/azure_iot_hub: starting queue consumer queue=eu868-gateway-events
INFO[0000] gateway/azure_iot_hub: negotiating amqp cbs claim
FATA[0000] get keys error: ERR invalid password

i already triple checked if the primary connection string was set correct, but it is.

Is there any possibility to enable more detailed logging or a way to find out why it is not working?

Furthermore i asked myself where is the advantage of Installing it inclunding IoT-Hub and Message-Que and Service Bus In comparsion to just install it on an Azure Ubuntu VM like descirbed here:

Thank you for your support and best regards.