Chirpstack on R-Pi/Ubuntu: Service Profile, Not getting Status Req Answer

Hey All,
Strange issue:

I have a RAK 7258 as a UDP forwarder connected via a Mikrotik router to a R-pi3b+ with Ubuntu and
chirpstack-network-server version 3.10.0
chirpstack-gateway-bridge version 3.9.2
chirpstack-application-server version 3.12.2

Also I have the same Chirpstack setup on a digital Ocean cloud VM.

I have setup a service profile to send status requests every 2 min to check it works,
However, for some reason it works perfectly on the cloud VM, but not on the local R-pi.

On both servers I can see in the network-server logs the periodic MSG reqstatus, but only in the VM version of the server to I see the reqest and answer messages and the STATUS topic in the application MQTT being updated.

Anyone have any Idea why status request are not working on my local setup?
I can see all other messages and payloads so for some reason this one particular mac command is not working.

Both servers have the exact same config files





Nov 07 14:35:08 ubuntu chirpstack-network-server[1936]: time=“2020-11-07T14:35:08Z” level=info msg=“requesting device-status” ctx_id=0214d3a7-e168-4f77-be14-07cb0988f18e dev_eui=026a48c4d166d8e6

For some reason this is not getting sent out to the gateway-server as a command/down topic message as is the case with the cloud VM version.


I had disable Mac commands = True

All working now