Chirpstack on Raspberry Pi

Hi everyone, I have this setup and hardware and two scenarios, one is working, the secpnd one is not working:

My Mikrotik Gateway LTAP is connected via wifi to the main router.

Scenario a)
With chirpstack installed with docker compose in a PC with address in the same wifi network than main wifi, everything is working fine, gateway is working correctly

Scenario b)
With Chirpstack Gateway installed on Raspberry Pi3 ( address is connected via ethernet to the main router; ip address is configured in the gateway server address as for the scenario a) with address, I don’t see the gateway working at all.

Do I need some extra setup on Raspberry Pi configuration by using ssh, or do you suggest better to install the alternative to the ChirpStack Gateway OS, that is to install the ChirpStack stack on top of Raspbian?

Thank you in advance,