Chirpstack on small hardware

Hi All,
For testing purposes I would like to install an environment similar to what I would get via chirpstack-docker installation (ie chirpstack, chirpstack-gateway-bridge, postgres, redis and mosquitto) on a system with few resources ( ARM 64-bit 4-Core CPU - 1,5GB of RAM - 60GB HD).

This system will manages a small amount of devices (circa 15-30) and one gateway only.

Anyone has ever test this kind of solution?

According with your experience, Could chirpstack run with this resources?

Thanks in advance.

Should be ok but not stable in a long run.

Postgres and redis may take more RAM.

Thank you so much,
If I well understood postgres is used for storing configuration data, so component that requires more RAM may be redis. It it correct?

You can try and know instantly.

That should be fine I believe. Iā€™m running my test environment on a $5 DigitalOcean droplet. If you are storing the data on the server as well, then you will see an increase of data over time, but for 15-30 devices this is not so much.

For example, if each device sends data once an hour, then that equals to ~ 1 message per 2 minutes.

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Thank you so much Broocar.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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