Chirpstack process keeps restarting

I had a gateway running perfectly but 2 days ago it stopped sending values to my http server. When I checked I noticed the API is not working neither I can open the web application. The monit summary shows everything okay but running it multiple times I noticed it shows chirpstack status as Does not exist but after few seconds it shows OK again and the cycle continues. On checking the logs I noticed the chirpstack process starts and then after sometime it keeps restarting. The log file is spammed with the following log

Mar  1 15:17:59 raspberrypi3 user.err monit[551]: 'chirpstack' process is not running
Mar  1 15:17:59 raspberrypi3 monit[551]: 'chirpstack' trying to restart
Mar  1 15:17:59 raspberrypi3 monit[551]: 'chirpstack' start: '/etc/init.d/chirpstack start'
Mar 01 15:18:00 raspberrypi3 user.warn chirpstack-concentratord-sx1301[735]: GPS time reference is not valid, age: 1677683880.140072835s

I tried restarting it multiple times and I can’t afford to reinstall the OS as I’ve setup many nodes on it. If anyone knows the reason or can guide me further on investigating the issue that would be really helpful and highly appreciated.

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