ChirpStack production


ChirpStack can be used for production, means with 200 GW in the fields?
Please share a successful study case.


We ran one of the largest private LoRaWAN networks in North America with many thousand gateways on it, at a previous gig. So yes, 200 will easily fit on a small server/VM, depending on redundancy needs.


Ok, thanks.

In production we can use Docker container that you shared in your installation guide, or we need to install by our self component by component?

Any recommended configuration for chirpstack in k8s production env?

Some of the services will be changed to headless service for HA/LoadBalancing and istio support will be changed to the gateway-api to be less coupled with it - ingress will not be implemented as is getting sort of phased out. We have been running this setup for over a year on vanilla k8s and I know someone deployed it on gCloud.