Chirpstack random service failure

Hi team.

From time to time I have random fails where my chirpstack application fails completely and it won’t work until I restart my server. I’m using a centos 7 VPS which also is configured to work with cpanel and WHM.

The interesting fact about this failures is that it may happen in a weekend at midnight for most of the cases, so does any of you had this kind of issue and if do, how have you fixed it?

Actually I don’t know a way to check the logs and get info on what happened before chirpstack failed, but as I said, as long as I restart my VPS the services gets online again.

does any of you have or had this kind of issue and could solve it? and if could solve it, how did you solve it?


Assuming VPS is hosted in the cloud and you’re sharing server with others, have you opened a ticket with your VPS hosting company to see if maybe they’re doing some maintenance? Having specific dates & times system stopped behaving is always helpful!
Anything in your crontab that runs at midnight?

I’m amazed how much prices for VPS have come down since I last looked! About 4 years ago, what’s now $3/mo was over 10x that!

Hi fmgst, will try your recommendations, also nop I don’t have any cronjob running at that specific time, I have a couple of cron running but they are running 24/7 and working properly.

Thanks for the info, gonna let you know any interesting update.