Chirpstack raspberry pi

Dear community,
i have installed chirpstack on rasberry pi, set in Server field Ip address , IP address on which i loging , same adddress i used on Mikrotik knot , but keep receiving keep alive timeout.
I am able to ping from knot → chirpstack and from chirpstack ----> knot.
Both are in same subnet, without special firewall settings.

From the screenshots, it looks like you want to forward UDP data from two gateways (Raspberry Pi + Mikrotik) to each other, that is not correct…

The ChirpStack UDP Forwarder allows you to forward data from the ChirpStack Gateway OS based gateway as UDP, e.g. to forward data to a non-ChirpStack LNS.

My bad.
On rasberry Pi i only installed chirpstack. This is not gateway.
From knot i want to forward data to my chirpstack hosted on Rasberry Pi.
I just removed part from UDP Forwarder . But still my gateways has status Never Seen , and in knot see keepalive timed out

Any hint what i am doing wrong ?

The ChirpStack Gateway OS is intended to turn a Raspberry Pi into a LoRa gateway (Base image) or a LoRa gateway + ChirpStack installed (Full image). It does not listen to UDP data from external gateways and therefore what you try does not work.

If you want to install only ChirpStack on your Raspberry Pi, it might be better to install Raspberry Pi OS Lite and follow the Debian / Ubuntu install instructions.