Chirpstack Redundancy

Hi Guys,

Long time lurker from work, but could never log in while at work. Finally have some time at home to create an account. Definitely enjoy all the knowledge.

One thing I would like some clear information on is redundancy. I am trying to get a clear answer on creating some redundancy whether it be a few nodes that share a redis and postgresql cluster behind a load balancer or some sort of docker failover, I’m just wondering if there are any solid options that make sense.


In general you could spin up multiple ChirpStack instances pointing to the same MQTT broker, Redis and PostgreSQL databases. With the upcoming v4.7 release, device-sessions will be stored in PostgreSQL thus that will be the most important database.

Using the MQTT shared subscription feature, MQTT data will be load-balanced across ChirpStack instances. You could put a load-balancer in front of ChirpStack to load-balance API / web-interface requests.

For PostgreSQL and Redis there exists several options for high-availability / failover. Note that ChirpStack currently does not support Redis Sentinel.


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