Chirpstack services vs docker-compose?

I am confused. When I go to a staged container area and enter

docker-compose ps

I see the following which shows all the services are up (I did some renaming to shorten identifiers).

I can go to Chirpstack and see my two nodes pushing data to the network.
However when I run

sudo systemctl list-unit-files --type=service

I get the following where the first entry is STATE and the second is PRESET:

So not being a software expert my questions are :

  1. Is systemctl showing me the same instances that are within docker-compose or are the ones labeled ‘enabled’ independent parallel instances which are running and can be stopped?

  2. If they have no bearing on the chirpstack (per question 1) can someone then tell me how to change the PRESET to disabled and where do I find each file to do this? Is this in config files?

Thank you.