ChirpStack Simulator (again): No JoinAccept/Downlink

Hi All,

I feel like a broken record, and I’m sure everyone’s fed up seeing my silly leaf on the user column. I swear once this is all working I’ll leave the forum! Or stay and try to help others.

So, I have the simulator mostly working. Gave up the ‘modify RxInfo’ approach, and FINALLY found the payload field where I can send some data through the dataUp func. There is something I can edit where I remove an ‘if’ that lets me uplink a DataPayload whether a JoinAccept has been issued or not.

With this shortcut I can see the Un/ConfirmedDataUp field in the Gateway’s LoraWan Frames tab. But I’ve noted that since the DevAddr looks to be created in the UI (or I’d love to be able to hardcode it if anyone knows where it is in the simulator code) when I do my shortcut and get directly to the dataUp func, the devAddr is 00000000.
I believe this means that the gateway can’t associate it with the device?(any correction, criticism/insults etc appreciated) So, I am essentially back to the beginning.

tl;dr Does anyone know how to debug why the simulator may not be executing a JoinAccept event?
I’ve seen it happen previously on my local, but am now unable to replicate it on my local or my K8s env.

Just to add more to this, if anyone might respond. Here is a snap in the gateway frames tab after I modify the code slightly to not wait for the JoinAccept. As you can see, the ConfirmedDataUp has 000000000 as the devAddr because the lack of JoinAccept frames does not allow the simulator to get the devAddr.
Does anyone know what the issue could be here?

Adding a solution to this. I was messing around with a lot of internals in the simulator code, but for anyone running into this issue it may be simpler than you think. Since I’m very new to the concept of device frequencies/transmissions etc I didn’t know what was, and wasn’t the correct frequency to config into the simulator.toml.

I can’t speak to other frequency plans, but for US915, 903100000 did the job.