Chirpstack Simulator Read Downlink Payload

Hello, I am having issues reading the downlink payload on chirpstack simulator.
I tried editing the device.go to print the downlink payload as it is received in the code bellow.

just simple added fmt.Println(data) in the FRMPayload… the data i sent is 1234
and it prints a string / bytes / encoded string / encrypted string…

Data: [199 236 195]
INFO[0039] simulator: device received downlink data      ack=false confirmed=true data=c7ecc3 dev_eui=4b17ff91bd24db9c f_cnt=0 f_port=1

i dont really know what it prints…

can anyone please help me to figure out how to print the string or data as i sent it? “1234”

Please check the pictures above and my issue… thank you!