Chirpstack stops working when relocated?

Hi! I have a weird problem. I’ve got Chirpstack at my house humming along nicely getting readings from sensors. But, when I move the Raspberry pi + GPS + Lora adapter (all in this Rak kit: to its destination location, I can still get Lorawan Frames but nothing in Device Data. I get all the usual things in Lorawan Frames like JoinRequest’s followed by JoinAccept’s, and then I get UnconfirmedDataUp’s (pics below). The only things that I can think of that changed are the physical location of the stack and the network it connects to. I’m having trouble figuring out what the problem could be. Would love some help on what it might be and/or which logs I should be looking at. Incidentally, when I bring the stack back home it all starts working fine again.


Making progress. Looked at logs with:
journalctl -u chirpstack-network-server -n 500 -f

Giving me lines like:
Mar 22 16:42:41 loragateway chirpstack-network-server[512]: time="2021-03-22T16:42:41Z" level=error msg="uplink: processing uplink frame error" ctx_id=146a83f1-3ea7-4de5-8bb2-02b4c5495e9f error="get application-server client error: create application-server api client error: dial application-server api error: context deadline exceeded"

So now I’m debugging that problem, so closing this post.