ChirpStack supported LoRa Gateway for Indian ISM 865 MHz to 867 MHz

Hey Guys,

Thanks in advance, I’m looking for LoRa gateways( Indian ISM 865 MHz to 867 MHz.) for commercial application which can support ChirpStack platform.

I have contacted Laird Connectivity for enquiring about, RG186 LoRa gateway. But this what the replay I got.

"We don’t have the RG181 to support Indian band. It could work for Indian band if you are using TTN forwarder.
It wont work if you are using Semtech forwarder which requires local setting on the gateway,
Also we dont have the country approval for India,

I’m bit afraid to get to choose proper gateway for Indian ISM 865 MHz to 867 MHz., requesting ChirpStack community to suggest me good gateways.

HI Sarthak,

We have been working with both dragino’s LPS08 and Ursalink’s UG87 in India`, with the chirpstack server that we deployed on gcp.

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I’m not working for them, but I’m currently using it in the US915 band and very satisfied.

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Hey @rohitragno,

This will help, Thanks for your suggestion.