Chirpstack Thingsboard cloud integration

Hi all,

i am trying to make a thingsboard cloud integration.
So far i am recieving sucessfully data from my LoRawan devices on chirpstack.
On chirpstack i have added under devices/configuration/variables the ThingsBoardAccessToken with its corresponding value which i have recieved from thingsboard, after generating a device.
On the “integration side” i have added the Thingsboard server with the following adress:
As data converter i have selected cayenne LPP on chirpstack.

The chirpstack side works so far. But i get no telemetry data on thingsboard cloud.
For settings see the screenshot. → Debug mode is enabled

Does anyone have an idea why? The following questions come up in my mind:
is the serveradress/port correct? Which settings / data converters should i use?

Does anyone know an easier alternative to:

  • store the data online and visualize them with dashboards ?

Any help is appreciated
Thank you

You have to use the HTTP integration in ChirpStack (and not the ThingsBoard integration) and for the Endpoint URL(s) for events use the HTTP endpoint URL from the ChirpStack integration details page in ThingsBoard.