ChirpStack Time Since Last Activity column

I’ve tried searching but haven’t found an answer.
In the older versions of ChirpStack, when looking at devices or gateways, there was as column where it told you “# seconds/minutes/hours/days”. That appears to have been replaced by the Last Seen that shows a timestamp.
Now a time stamp is wonderful and very helpful–but is there a way to get the time since last activity back as well? Being able to scroll through dozens of devices and quickly see things are/aren’t checking in within the normal range is very helpful and the current time stamp slows that down significantly as I have to verify and check a few different pieces of each time stamp.

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true that!

I do miss that feature. I often go back and forth between sensors data.

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For the gateways, an online / offline column was added, based on the expected stats interval. I think something the same for devices would also solve your issue. Personally, I prefer to see a full timestamp, since comparing it against logs for example makes it harder when it says “1 minute ago”.

Yah, I also love the “1 minute ago”.
However, the timestamp is ok

Totally agree that timestamp is great however from the UX aspect : “time since last seen” gives little edge imo.

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