Chirpstack to InfluxDB Integration


I’ve been working on setting up an integration between ChirpStack and InfluxDB with the goal of visualizing sensor data directly in InfluxDB. Despite following the setup steps, including obtaining the API key from InfluxDB and using it as the password for the integration, I find myself stuck as no data is showing up in InfluxDB. This has left me puzzled about where the problem might lie – is it an issue with InfluxDB’s setup or something on the ChirpStack side? I’m reaching out to see if anyone in the community has encountered a similar issue and could offer some insights or solutions. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated as I navigate this integration challenge.


Have you checked the ChirpStack server logs?

Yes, I have tried that. Update on the issue is, that I am able to link Chirpstack, InfluxDB and Grafana. Menwhile Grafana is getting the data from InfluxDB, I am not sure where the data is. Whether in Chirpstack or InfluxDB.

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