ChirpStack to Monitor Cattle with a private network

Hi, I have to monitor around 100 castles within a radius of 30kms (18 miles) using LoRaWAN. The region where this system will be operated is very remote and rural, hence there is no internet connection there what so ever. That is why I have to drop the regular network server providers and decided to make my own private network. I am relatively very new to the private network so here are my questions.

  1. Can ChirpStack Operate independently without the need for the internet whatsoever?

  2. What type of gateway should I use? I saw people building their own with Pi, but I need a reliable outdoor gateway with good sensitivity.

  3. If I use more than one gateway how will they all communicate without the internet? Will they be connected through a LAN? Because 18 miles is a long distance and I don’t think I would be able to pull this off with just one gateway?

  4. Say If I place my gateways for every 5 miles, how will they all syncs in? It is not practical to run an Ethernet cable or have a local network!!

Sorry if the questions are very basic, but kindly help me get my head around this

  1. yes
  2. there are many kind of the outdoor gateways in the market.
  3. they are connects via ip to the network/app server which you deploy at own premises
  4. about what kind of sync you are talking ?

Thanks for your answers

about what kind of sync you are talking ?

Since there is no internet involved if I place my gateways at a distance of 5km each, how will they communicate with my network or application server?

From your answer to question 3. I understand the solution is that these gateways have to be connected together via a local network

Again thanks for the answers

this is not neccessary to connect gateways together. the main thing is that the gateways have an access to the network/app server. i.e. working ip-routes from gateways to your system.
The classical network topology is a star.

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