Chirpstack-Ug65 Milesight- Dragino rs485 LB/LS Uplink issue

I am unable to get data in my chirpstack from the device , I have connected the Milesight UG65 gateway. I got “join” in my device events and nothing more

Docker compose up
| 2024-07-03T13:32:45.495458Z INFO chirpstack::gateway::backend::mqtt: Connecting to MQTT broker region_id=eu433 server_uri=tcp://mosquitto:1883 clean_session=false client_id=2e6e09e7cfba78e1
chirpstack-1 | 2024-07-03T13:32:45.495569Z INFO chirpstack::downlink: Setting up Class-B/C scheduler loop
chirpstack-1 | 2024-07-03T13:32:45.495593Z INFO chirpstack::downlink: Setting up multicast scheduler loop
chirpstack-1 | 2024-07-03T13:32:45.495605Z INFO chirpstack::api: Setting up API interface bind=
chirpstack-1 | 2024-07-03T13:32:45.495867Z INFO chirpstack::api::backend: Backend interfaces API interface is disabled
chirpstack-1 | 2024-07-03T13:32:45.495896Z INFO chirpstack::gateway::backend::mqtt: Starting MQTT event loop
chirpstack-1 | 2024-07-03T13:32:45.501420Z INFO chirpstack::gateway::backend::mqtt: Subscribing to gateway event topic region_id=eu433 event_topic=$share/chirpstack/eu433/gateway/+/event/+
mosquitto-1 | 1720013565: New connection from on port 1883.
mosquitto-1 | 1720013565: New client connected from as 2e6e09e7cfba78e1 (p5, c0, k30).
chirpstack-rest-api-1 | Starting ChirpStack REST API server
chirpstack-1 | 2024-07-03T13:32:45.935680Z INFO gRPC{uri=/api.InternalService/StreamDeviceFrames}: chirpstack::api: Finished processing request status=“200” latency=8.019187ms
chirpstack-gateway-bridge-1 | time=“2024-07-03T13:33:44.058108361Z” level=info msg=“integration/mqtt: subscribing to topic” qos=0 topic=“in865/gateway/24e124fffef8b9ae/command/#”
chirpstack-gateway-bridge-1 | time=“2024-07-03T13:33:44.058546064Z” level=warning msg=“[store] memorystore del: message 1 not found” module=mqtt
chirpstack-gateway-bridge-1 | time=“2024-07-03T13:33:44.059208165Z” level=info msg=“integration/mqtt: publishing state” gateway_id=24e124fffef8b9ae qos=0 state=conn topic=in865/gateway/24e124fffef8b9ae/state/conn
chirpstack-gateway-bridge-1 | time=“2024-07-03T13:33:46.231503564Z” level=info msg=“integration/mqtt: publishing event” event=stats qos=0 topic=in865/gateway/24e124fffef8b9ae/event/stats
chirpstack-1 | 2024-07-03T13:33:46.232033Z INFO chirpstack::gateway::backend::mqtt: Message received from gateway region_id=“in865” topic=in865/gateway/24e124fffef8b9ae/event/stats qos=AtMostOnce json=false
chirpstack-1 | 2024-07-03T13:33:46.235101Z INFO stats{gateway_id=24e124fffef8b9ae}: chirpstack::storage::gateway: Gateway partially updated gateway_id=24e124fffef8b9ae
chirpstack-1 | 2024-07-03T13:33:46.235237Z INFO stats{gateway_id=24e124fffef8b9ae}: chirpstack::storage::metrics: Metrics saved name=gw:24e124fffef8b9ae aggregation=HOUR
chirpstack-1 | 2024-07-03T13:33:46.235262Z INFO stats{gateway_id=24e124fffef8b9ae}: chirpstack::storage::metrics: Metrics saved name=gw:24e124fffef8b9ae aggregation=DAY
chirpstack-1 | 2024-07-03T13:33:46.235279Z INFO stats{gateway_id=24e124fffef8b9ae}: chirpstack::storage::metrics: Metrics saved name=gw:24e124fffef8b9ae aggregation=MONTH

Seem mismatched regions.
In the log, I see eu433 while in the last photo, I see IN865.
Doublecheck the region.

Have you set the Milesight gateway to IN865?
Check step 4.

Yes I have set it but still cannot get uplinks

I have the same problem when I use the LWN Simulator

It’s weird yet there are plenty of people who have been able to send data, why don’t they help us?

thats the issue, the support team of Milesight is also not responding its been 8 hours .

I don’t know about you but when I use a docker on my chirpstack I have at least one JoinAccept:

Ok can you tell me how you configured the ug 65 ??? like using its tool software

or what you edited in chirpstack

ok I hope we can connect some times

I don’t use a real gateway, I use a virtual gateway instead, and I created it on the LoRaWAN simulator

what changes did you made in chirpstack, I also use docker

Nothing special I just launched the docker using the command: docker compose; and it shows me that

Ok its for the UG 65 , I guess the issue lies from the Gate config and also chirpstack config…
For your case try checking the regions if your regions are correct it will send an uplink , go to chirpstack.toml

@brocaar Sir please help me