ChirpStack V3 Local to V4 Docker Migration Issue

Hello Team,

I’m currently working on migrating from ChirpStack V3 to V4. My goal is to transition from ChirpStack V3, which is locally hosted, to ChirpStack V4 Docker. To accomplish this, I’ve been following the instructions provided in the documents linked below:

Additionally, I utilized the following link to download the release necessary for the migration process:

To initiate the migration process, I executed the provided script with the following parameters:

./chirpstack-v3-to-v4 \
	--cs-config-file /home/sclera/chirpstack-test/chirpstack-docker/configuration/chirpstack/chirpstack.toml \
	--as-config-file /etc/chirpstack-application-server/chirpstack-application-server.toml \
	--ns-config-file /etc/chirpstack-network-server/chirpstack-network-server.toml

In the script, I specified the path to the chirpstack.toml file located in the chirpstack-docker/configuration/chirpstack/ directory.

However, upon execution, I encountered the following error:

I suspect the issue lies in the default dsn path specified in the chirpstack.toml file located in the chirpstack-docker directory:


Could you please review my process and let me know if there’s anything I missed? Additionally, I would appreciate any guidance on successfully transitioning from ChirpStack V3 local setup to V4 Docker.

Thank you.