Chirpstack v4.6.0 missing uplink info latest gw bridge

I have tried a few times to update to latest gateway bridge but I get these errors and cannot upgrade it past 4.0.9 or 4.0.10 I have it on tag version 4 at the moment. Is there anything I can do to fix these errors? the latest gw bridge just seems to fail to pass any uplink or downlink data from helium or private gateways altogether.

chirpstack-docker-chirpstack-1        | 2024-01-12T08:28:56.977789Z  INFO chirpstack::gateway::backend::mqtt: Message received from gateway region_id="au915_1" topic="au915_1/gateway/2864afc74baa57f1/event/up" qos=0 json=false
chirpstack-docker-chirpstack-1        | 2024-01-12T08:28:57.180429Z  WARN chirpstack::uplink: tx_info of uplink event is empty, skipping
chirpstack-docker-chirpstack-1        | 2024-01-12T08:28:57.180469Z  WARN chirpstack::uplink: tx_info of uplink event is empty, skipping
chirpstack-docker-chirpstack-1        | 2024-01-12T08:28:57.180702Z ERROR chirpstack::uplink: Deduplication error error=Unable to get first item from rx_info

Could you create a GitHub issue with all the relevant information to reproduce this?

I run chirpstack via docker, so anytime I use the tags latest for chirpstack and chirpstack-gateway-bridge I see this problem - this is not a v3 to v4 upgrade. I just rebuilt this LNS with v4 from the start.

I see master has it containers still set to tag 4, is this on purpose?

4 is inclusive of 4.6 and 4.6.0.

I would of thought that as well @bconway, but if i change it to latest it pulls a different container altogether with a different container hash too even, this is what I see for chirpstack - i only get this error on the latest container for gw bridge below if that makes sense.

chirpstack/chirpstack                   4       a0bb42598a8b   6 weeks ago    55.3MB
chirpstack/chirpstack                   latest  a0bb42598a8b   6 weeks ago    55.3MB
chirpstack/chirpstack-gateway-bridge    latest  375ef145630c   4 months ago   20.6MB
chirpstack/chirpstack-gateway-bridge    4       be4b06183bd2   6 months ago   21.1MB

According to the tags here:

latest matches the v3 branch (may not be intended, it’s the most recent push), and I don’t see one that matches the hash you have for 4?

I cant explain that, thats what gets pulled when i pull the containers with the 4 tag look.

same ones are pulled to my test lab, how can they not exist? what is going on here?

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