ChirpStack v4 and ThingsBoard downlink integration

I followed this guide : ChirpStack Integration | ThingsBoard Cloud to integrate ChirpStack and ThingsBoard. I had to update the converter as uplink messages received from ChirpStack have changed in v4.

As I try to send downlinks, I have some difficulties to get them in ChirpStack.

  1. Is this integration still compatible with v4?
  2. How can I diagnose the issue? I can see no logs related to the integration downlink in the ChirpStack nor API gateway logs.
  3. Does ChirpStack subscribe to ThingsBoard or does TB push the data to ChirpStack?
  4. What is the format of the downlink to send to ChirpStack?

I don’t know the technical details of the Thingsboard to ChirpStack integration for sending downlinks. You might want to ask this question to Thingsboard directly :slight_smile:

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