Chirpstack v4 Downlink HTTP URL & JSON Format

Hi I’m using HTTP integration with my application, and I am getting the uplink data from the LNS.

However, I’m not able to send downlinks to my devices. I’m initially testing using postman. Below are the details:

URL : http://LNS_IP_HERE:8080/api/devices/DevEUI_HERE/queue
Headers: ‘Authorization’ : ‘API_KEY_HERE

    "deviceQueueItem": {
        "dev_eui": "*DevEUI_HERE*",
        "confirmed": false,
        "data": "AQID",
        "fPort": 11

I’m getting 400 Bad Request error for the above.

try adding Bearer ^ before the api key like above.

@ccall48 : Do you mean like this:

This did not work btw. Am I doing something wrong again?

Hi @Ronit_Vairagi

You must set the Grpc-Metadata-Authorization header to Bearer <API TOKEN>.

@sagarpatel has it correct… try that as the authorization and you should be set.

@ccall48 Yes this is correct please check the below screenshot

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