Chirpstack V4 et LG01-N

Hi. I am a student and I am conducting my research on LoRaWAN. I have a LG01-N gateway to do my experiments. I have installed locally the chirsptack server but when I configure my gateway I never find it active on my server. I must admit that I have never connected a gateway to chirspstack. I am new in this field so I would like to ask you to give me some indications understandable by a novice to help me to solve this problem. Thanks a lot.

LG01-N is a single Channel gateway, so it is not suitable for use with a LoRaWAN NS like Chirpstack.
You “could” connect and use it, but let’s say you will need to implement some hacks.
My advice: start with a “real” LoRaWAN gateway.

Thank you very much for your advice. However, it is currently an emergency because I have to hand in my research work in a very short time. And given my geographical location and financial situation it would take me months to get a new one. So please help me to make it work even if I have to face difficulties. Thank you very much for the efforts you will make for me.

Just point the gateway to port 1700 (UDP) of Chirpstack.
And the node must use ABP.

That’s exactly what I did. But my gateway notifies the server connection status as offline. But my end node is in OTAA. I will change the configuration and get back to you. I would like to ask a question. Is it the gateway I have that forces me to the ABP activation type?

The “Server Address” must be the ip of the machine where you installed your chirpstack server on your local network, with port 1700 open.

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Should be in the photo.

Good evening. I tried to connect my device to the server with the ABP activation mode and I put my local server address. But it still did not work. I would like to have an expert opinion or someone who has the same gateway as me that works with the server. Thanks a lot.

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