Chirpstack V4 FUOTA for US915 Hybrid Not Working

Has anyone successfully implemented the Chirpstack FUOTA Server for the US915 Hybrid Region?
I have been working on this for a while without success. After using the latest version of the CS FOUTA Server which some changes were made recently to fix some of the missing code for multi region support, I have gotten farther, but I am concerned that there is additonal support code missing in the Chirpstack FUOTA Server. Currently I have to Manually issue the ForceDeciveResyncReq because the CS FUOTA Server does not. After this I run the CS FUOTA Client and it causes the Server to issue the McGroupSetupReq, FragSessionSetupReq and the McClassCSessionReq. The End Node does NOT switch to Class C mode like it should and the CS FUOTA Server begins sending all of the Data Fragment Packets but they are not received by the End Node. If I don’t force a Clock Sync at the beginning, the End Node does switch to the Class C Mode and the CS FUOTA Server send the Data Fragment Packets, but the End Node does not switch to the Frag Decoder mode to interpret the packets and store them in Flash Memory. I am using the STM32WL55 Dev Kit with the LORAWAN_FUOTA Firmware Project.

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