Chirpstack v4 on Debian server + gateway rpi+rak7243


I installed Chirpstack v4 on Debian server, and Chirpstack gateway bridge on gateway rpi+rak7243. After configuration, I get messages “UnConfirmedDataUp” on the Gateway LoraWan Frames Tab, but nothing on Device LoraWan Frames Tab.

Perhaps because my device is marked as “not yet activated”, but I cannot find how to activate the device with OTAA.

By advance, thanks for help

Hi bao,
the UnconfirmedDataUp in your screenshot shows frames received by Gateway, so those packets can be from whatever device, possibly not even your device.

If device should use the OTAA (as seen from the device tab screenshot) then it should not really start sending regular Uplink messages (unconfirmedDatatUp) until it receives successfull Join-Accept message from server.

If your devie is ABP, then you have to set it approprietelly in Device profile and fill the activation keys in device Activation manually, then the device can start sending Uplink data without Join.

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