Chirpstack Web Interface Data Storage

Hi there :wave:

I was adding an integration to a chirpstack server via the web interface yesterday and when I restarted the service after applying the change I could not access the page again. I believe it was from me adding an invalid http address as a http integration. I am quite confident this was the issue because I didn’t change anything else. I tried restarting all the services and rebooting the server and I still cannot access the web interface. I was wondering if this data is stored somewhere like in a config file I can edit so I can access the web interface again.

Does such a thing exist? If not all good, any ideas as to how I might revert the changes?

I did try (grep -r) to search files for the change I made thinking it may have been in the chirpstack-application-server or something similar, but nothing. Is this information stored somewhere accessible?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile: