Chirpstack with EMQX broker

Hello dear, I am new to the subject and I have been reading the documentation but I have many doubts, your help would be very helpful for me, I have a mqtt broker mounted on a vps, specifically (EMQX broker), is it possible to install ChirpStack on it VPS without problems?
I have several services running on my VPS such as Mysql, Vesta cp and others, would this affect anything?
I need to transmit data from end nodes to a web page and for that I think that the communication between the EMQX broker and ChirpStack is essential. Any answer, suggestion or recommendation would be very helpful for me and thus start on the right track. Thank you.

I have never used EMQX myself, but as it is a MQTT broker I don’t see why it wouldn’t work :slight_smile: Mosquitto is used in all the examples as it is lightweight, but in the end you need “a” MQTT implementation, which could be any MQTT broker.