Chirpstack with Helium and arduino code


I am unable to setup the arduino pro mini sensor with a RFM96 module with ChirpStack and Helium.

I have not managed to work with Chirpstack, unlike connecting it with TTN, which is going well. I have a Raspberry -based gateway working with TTN and if the raspberry is receiving the packages. But i don’t know how to send data to Helium Network.

I have bought a Helium hotspot, a MerryIot miner V1. The miner is working fine (it is mining), I have bought the miner for testing purposes only.

I have questions: the Merryiot miner serves as a gateway between my Arduino sensor and Helium Network?

What are the keys that I have to introduce in the Arduino to interact with Helium Network?

I am using the following code Example01.ino with arduino pro mini:

I don’t know how to setup keys, OTAA or ABE?

Where can i get DEVEUI, APPEUI, APPKEY using Chirpstack to interact with Helium Network?

thank you in advance

The easiest way would be to find a service provider in the helium ecosystem that is already connected to helium network where you can just host your sensor(s)

otherwise you will need to buy an oui and address block off them yourself which is not cheap, then setup chirpstack to interface with helium