ChirpStack with ThingsBoard

I’m currently facing issues while integrating ChirpStack with ThingsBoard. I want technical help with the same. It’s urgent.

This is a community forum, so I’m not sure that you are in the correct place to require urgent consulting services.

Please describe your problem precisely, and then, someone may take a couple of minutes of his free time to help you.

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I’m not able to integrate ChirpStack with ThingsBoard. I don’t understand, which is the ThingsBoard access token which I need to add for integration?

Hi :wave:,
In TB, you have an access token for each device:

Then, in Chirpstack, you must add a variable named “ThingsBoardAccessToken” for each device, with this access token.

Please see also ThingsBoard - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation.

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