Chirpstacke network server v.0 | Session problem

Hi guys. I have such a dump problem with chirpstack sessions. There is one abp-connected device and I created profile, application and device in app for it by documentation. When I send data from the device with right session and app keys and dev_addr, gateway has received it and translated by the semtech udp protocol to the bridge and I can see it on Gatways*gateway_eui\LoraWanPackages* page (page path is not url :slight_smile: ). But server network always asnwers to logs "WARN | None of the device-sessions for dev_addr resulted in valid MIC dev_addr=**** ". Received dev_addr and abp device dev_addr are the same. I experimented a lot with keys and addresses and got no understanding why this happens and not works. Can you explain me what I am doing wrong?

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