Chripstack for production

I’m a new company located in the Middle East, and in the process of being a LoRa network provider, I will be using more than 200 gateways to cover desired area. My question is, can chripstack handle being used for production ill have more than 20k devices connected in the next 2 years I want to start with something that can handle this from the beginning. And how secure is chripstack compared to others.

Yes, the ChirpStack service is stateless and can be scaled horizontally. You will need to do resource planning for the different services used as you grow, of course.

20k should not be an issue at all… On my dev. machine I recently ran a simulation of~ 400 uplink messages per second after deduplication (from 3 gateways), all components (incl. DB) installed on the same machine, without any significant tuning. This throughput would equal ~ 1.4million devices sending data each hour.

The security of your ChirpStack installation depends on many factors (http / https, UDP or MQTT over TLS etc…), but you can setup ChirpStack in a secure way :slight_smile:


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