Cisco - FW v2.1 - Connection Loop

Hi all,

I have set up a Chirpstack server on a virtual machine (VM) running Ubuntu Server 20.04 and I connected a Cisco LoRaWAN gateway successfully using the guide available (this was back on firmware version 2.0.32).

To keep this brief I’ll skip why, but the gateway was updated successfully to the recent firmware (FW) update from Cisco. This is version which comes with the Common Packet Forwarder (CPF).

Unfortunately documentation on it is currently non-existent and I have run into a problem where the gateway appears to send a session establishment request (SYN packet/S flag) and the Chirpstack server (Gateway Bridge) responds with a reset and then gets stuck in this loop.

The CPF configuration (config) settings are also provided (seen in the top half of the pic provided), but appears correct as it is attempting to connect. This issue was identified by utilising the command: tcpdump -vv port 1700 (output log seen in bot half of the pic provided).

Can anyone help or advise?

Thank you in advance!



Ten thousand feet in the air…

Cisco FW using CPF (common packet forwarder)

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Did you validate the Chirpstack requirements for the Semtech BASIC station, to implements the LNS protocol for the CISCO GW ?

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