Cisco IXM and GPS-positioning coordinates for gateways

Hi everyone

I have some major issues with my Cisco IXM gateways. I´m not able to get GPS-positioning data from the gateway into Chirpstack. No coordinates and no auto positioning on the Chirpstack map. I have searched everywhere for an answer, but it does not seem to be an issue for anyone else anywhere. So, I contacted Cisco and they opened a TAC-case and did some troubleshooting. The answer I got is that Cisco uses the Common Packet Forwarder that is built on the Semtech Basic Station, and that Semtech recently upgraded the Semtech protocol (Semtech LNS protocol?) to uses TCP rather than UDP, as is well known. And that the GPS-coordinates part of this upgrade is an experimental feature that has not yet been implemented and supported by any third-party network server providers. I´m struggling to believe this. Can anyone help me to confirm this or rather contradict this? Does Chirpstack support this feature in the Semtech LNS protocol? Of course, Cisco points me to their own Industrial Asset Vision or their partner Actility. Apologies for the long post!

The Basics Station protocol does not expose the GPS location: LoRa Basics™ Station | DEVELOPER PORTAL.

Ahh, that explains everything. Makes me wonder what experimental feature Cisco is referring to? But never mind. I will position my gateways manually. Thanks so much for your reply @brocaar, and an even bigger thanks for your superb work with Chirpstack!