Class A automated downlink as reply


Is there a way to schedule a downlink message as the uplink arrives.
For example my node requesting data such as a schedule from my server. It would send the uplink payload and the server should automatically queue the downlink with the schedule payload data (with the data provided in an integration callback). Not sure if there is enough time before the RX1 window (I suppose it could be implemented by sending two uplinks and the second one would receive the downlink)



Just send downlink packets to ChirpStack server.
After an uplink, Class A nodes will get the downlink during RX1 or RX2.
Class C nodes will get the downlink instantly.

Hi there,

This is exactly what you should do.

There is an option to increase the rxdelay so you have more time for the application to schedule a downlink. It may be better for you power budget.

Thanks everyone, I know what to do now. It was quite easy in the sigfox backend as in the ‘integration’ all you needed to do was reply to the callback with the downlink payload and it scheduled it.

All good, I have a many options here now :slight_smile: