Class C Downlink issue in v4

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I’m in the process of moving from v3 to v4, and I have one odd issue left regarding downlink messages to a class C device (a Kuando busyLight)

On my V3 system if enqueue a message for the device from a JSON object I can see the message in the queue along with an automatically generated FCnt and the Base64 encoded data from me encoded function.

And then within a second of so it gets sent to the device and the device light changes colour.

In V4 if I enqueue the a message I can see it in the queue with the correct hex data from my (updated for V4) JS encoder, but the message never seems to get to sent to the device

The message is sent when the device sends an uplink, or if I force the device to rejoin (by power cycling it) – which makes me think that my gateway etc is basically in good shape for sending messages, but its acting more like a Class A than a Class C device.

I do get a series of error events for the device when the downlink isn’t working, but I’m not sure how to decode these - and even with the log level set to trace there is no information that I can spot in the log. I’m sure the clue is in here somewhere - but its odd that it works after an uplink or join but not otherwise

I can also send updated to a class A device with no problems - and they don’t generate the error events

Check this thread:

Edit: It appears you’ve already found that thread. I think your issue may be resolved with the next release.

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