Class C downlinks work in TTN but not in Chirpstack

What I’m trying to do:
Send a downlink from the gateway to my node in Class C mode.
Problem: Downlinks in Class A work well, in Class C the downlink is shown in the gateway log but not received by the end node.
Hardware used: Gateway Mikrotik wAP lr8, End node Cubecell AB01 dev board.

I have tried sending downlinks from both Chirpstack and TTN, in Class A both downlinks are received by the node, in class C only the downlinks from TTN are received by the end node. I am using the same DR and frequencies for both Chirpstack and TTN .

Here are the screenshots from RouterOS on a working TTN downlink and a Chirpstack downlink that is not working, the only difference I could tell is that the TX mode is different.


Any help is appreciated!

Here is the dowlink from TTN: