Class C Functionality

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone achieved Class C Functionality of LoRaWAN Uptill now ??
Which available gateway supports all LoRaWAN device classes ??
I want to make my first blink LED, I have a b-l072z board and it works as class A , can you help me ???

Thank you so much

Hi Mohamed,

basically, all LoRaWAN-certified gateways (e.g. Kerlink, Laird) are able to handle the device classes (for class B see requirements).
Gateways either search the spectrum for LoRa(WAN) uplink packets (they don’t care about the class) or transmit downlink data (scheduled by LoRaserver).

If you have correctly set your configuration in the app server and the node, you should be able to use class C.:slightly_smiling_face:
You could test your class C settings by using the API or e.g. Paho.

BR / DeHi

Thank you so much ^^