Codec function imports

Hi @brocaar can you please tell me how to import libraries into the codec function area:

This is a very generic question - did you read this?

I can add to that:

  • be sure to provide entry-point (function name) that ChirpStack is expecting - just call decoder function, if it lacks ChirpStack support.
  • natively Base64-encoded payload is decoded for you - your function should expect binary data
  • for now, be sure that the JavaScript decoder is strictly ES5.
  • I used to wonder why some vendors’ devices had multiple codecs floating on github until I discovered above limitation. But with that in mind, if one decoder doesn’t work then keep looking and see if someone hasn’t hacked a version that does!
  • If you’re not skilled in JavaScript (me neither) then your other option is to keep payload in Base64 and decode it in your end-application (jython, for me).

This is not possible.

All good. Thank you.