Communication between My sensor -> LoRA Gateway -> ChirpStack

Hello everyone, my name is Pasquale and i’m a newby of LaraWan World.
I would like to have a clarification on the functioning of the gateway and ask you for suggestions on which gateway to buy. We are carrying out a project related to the development of some sensors that will have to transmit via lora protocol to a gateway that will be connected to the chirpstack system. The question is: How is the packet received by my sensor transmitted from a gateway to the chirpstack installation in the cloud? Do you have references on compatible, ready-to-use commercial gateways that I can purchase?
Thanks in advance to all

I’m not sure I understand your concerns about the data path. Anyway, your concentrator (part of the gateway dealing with RF) receives a LORA frame. It passes it to the gateway-bridge that sends it to the network server using the LoraWAN protocol. The the netwrok server passes it to the application server.

When your device joins the network it passes an application key along with its EUI. Those two numbers are registered (entered) in your application server so the server knows it’s a known device.

Somebody correct me, newbie-ish myself too :slight_smile:

As for commercial gateways I’m using LR8 from Mikrotik. Straight forward install and integration:

I also build one myself by using an RaspberryPI + ic880 concentrator.

Both works.

thank you for your reply.
Please correct me if i’m wrong, i can buy any gateway in order to receive forward data from my sensor to chirpstack server or exists a list of compatible gateway ( like this Gateway installation - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN<sup>®</sup> Network Server ) that i have to purchase or exists a list of specific minimum requirements needed ? I’m not interested in dev kit but i need production devices. Thank you so much

Mikrotik is an end-product, commercially available. Not a kit, but rather a configurable plug&play product. Other than this any gateway that comply with LoraWAN protocol should be fine, but I’m not sure. I’ve purchased the Mikrotik as I’ve read somewhere here that is compatible.

If you need professional services I’m sure you can talk to the Chirpstack project owner for consultancy.