Communication issue between chirpstack version 4.8 and basicstation during FUOTA fragmentation session


I have been using chirpstack version 4.4.2 (docker) as LNS and Semtech Basicstation on the gateway. I was able to establish communication with end devices for normal activities as well as FUOTA.

Recently I have started using chirpstack version 4.8.1 (docker) as LNS. The usual uplink and downlink communication with the end devices are working fine. But when I was testing FUOTA, the multicast group creation and multicast class C session are successful and the end device was successfully switched to class C. But during the fragmentation session, the the firmware update data fragments are not getting enqueued from chirpstack to the gateway which is running basicstation (Transmission logs are not showing on basicstation). I am using basicstation 2.0.6 with sx1302 concentrator for US915 region and chirpstack-fuota-server for this process. Has anyone tested chirpstack-fuota-server with the latest version of chirpstack (docker)?