Compatibility between LoRaWAN devices and LoRa gateways

Helllo everyone, after along time!

I am looking forward to order a Sentrius RG1XX LORA ( or Multitech Conduit ( for using as a Lora Gateway.
As, i have seen in latest discussions, both have been used with LoraServer and practically seen to be ok, during configuration and packet forwarding.

It’s important to know, if any OR each of them are compatible with IMST iM880B End Node

Has anyone point of view about the issue?

An urgent point of view is really needed at this time.

Thanks in advance,

Any LoRaWAN device works with any LoRa gateway given that the gateway listens on the same frequencies as the channel-plan / regional configuration of your device.

Hello @brocaar!

Than\ks for the immediate reply. So, using Laird’s Sentrius RG1XX i will not have compatibility problem with Lora Server and LoraWan Devices of IMST?

I believe that answers are obvious “YES”, as you propose RG1XX as a possible-used gateway.


Yes, that should work well :slight_smile:

Hi I’m really new to LoRaWAN and we’re currently using it for our thesis.

How do you know if both the gateway and the device are listening on the same frequency.
We currently have an Heltec ESP32 LoRa with 433 MHz, and our gateway is a Raspberry Pi with a Cytron LoRa shield.