Compiling Packet Forwarder on Rapsberry Pi

Hello again!

For installing packet forwarder to a Rapsberry Pi, i have to clone the existing repository in Github, and after that i have to confirm that is running (is active) using the command “sudo systemctl status packet-forwarder”?

Or i have to activate it, by some way?

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No one has make the above installation, of packet forwarder?

After cloning the-packet forwarder repository, you still need to compile it (together with the gateway HAL library, which you will find under the same GitHub account).

For Raspberry Pi you could take as an example. See the files under stage3/02-packet-forwarder.

That’s not (your) packet forwarder right?

Goodmorming @brocaar.

My last step is to configure packet forwarder and try to achive communication between loraserver app and IC880A-SPI.

I just have to download and make, under stage3/o2-packet-forwarder direction?

You need to adapt it to your own installation. I don’t think that just a copy & paste of that script will work as it contains commands specific to the Raspberry Pi image generator.

I uploaded a post for this reason. Besides global_conf.json file (where i change uplink/downlink ports), i try to start packet forwarder in a way, but i can’t find the way to do this.

I try to use make command, but i have errors with libraries.

You could try this (take from the previous link):

rm -rf /opt/semtech
mkdir -p /opt/semtech
cd /opt/semtech && git clone -v
cd /opt/semtech && git clone -v
cd /opt/semtech/lora_gateway && make all
cd /opt/semtech/packet_forwarder && make all

@brocaar you really saved me! Thanks a lot about this.

An important note…i have to configure my global_conf.json file before “make all” or it has not to do with the final configuration, in order to send data from pkt fwd to lora-gateway-bridge?

I tried it ran pkw fwd


But when i use sudo tcpdump -AUq -i lo port 1700, to validate that packet forwarder ran i get:

In global_conf.json, as server_address i used “localhost”, as lora-gateway-bridge and packet forwarder run in the same machine (RPI 3).

The problem has to do with start of concentrator.

Thanks for all your support.

I had the same problem.

In this forus is the solution:

People there are arguing for reducing the SPI speed to extremely low rates that should not be needed by a properly built system.

Likely either they have excessively long wire runs or power issues.

Hi! I have a RAK831 with the RPi3 and I don’t use wire. So, I don’t know!

Bad wiring is not limited to 20cm jumper wires in disarray. Circuit boards designed without sufficient care to signal routing and grounding can be another example, too.

The point is that a properly designed assembly would not be limited to 1 MHz or slower SPI clock - such a limitation is an indication that there is a design or clock vs. data timing problem somewhere.