Complete LoRa plateform

Hi team,

I would like to use open source to monitor my LoRa network using Chirpstack as LNS. What do you recommend to have bellow features:

  • Network survey and troubleshooting
  • Device Manager (OTA, downlink message…)
  • Device Troubleshooting
  • Spectrum analysis tool
  • Customer manager
  • Billing and charging

@brocaar @bconway kindly comment

How much homework did you do, to scout the many different open-source options for each line in your wish-list? Have you downloaded ChirpStack API and reviewed whether it has adequate hooks that will be important for billing and other wish-list items?

I’m an “army of one” LoRaWAN installation in a manufacturing facility - I’m responsible for technology, infrastructure, sensors, configuration, and system maintenance (and that’s in addition to my “real” job here :thinking:). I can tell you from my experience (so far) that just the job of selecting and then integrating so many software products into a “distribution” is a full-time job for a software engineer that I can’t afford. I do hope you have better resources :slight_smile:

Example: there are many CRMs to choose from but not many are designed for billing. Then, you’ll need to get their API to talk to our API and exchange information. Someone has to do that the first time and then maintain this “glue” as both projects develop. And that’s only two items on your wish-list…