Complete newbie after a bit of advice


Sorry for the dumb questions, new to this but have a project in mind and could do to know where I need to start to accomplish my needs.

Project outline.

  1. Push button node to send data to LoRaWAN gateway. (Is node the correct term?)
  2. LoRaWAN gateway sat on local network (no cloud available due to being offgrid)
  3. LoRaWAN gateway to send http command to a IP device

In total there could be a need for upto 30 push button nodes to transmit to one gateway.

I’m happy to go down the diy root or something off the shelf. I’m Uk based if that makes a difference with allowed frequencies and hardware availability.

Thanks for your help

Hi There,

What exactly questions here. You just mentioned what you want to achieve.
I can say yes you can achieve using LoRaWAN. You need to write something between LoRa_Gateway_Bridge and IP device.