Concentratord based on sx1302 showing does not exist

Hi all,
i am working on concentrator board based on sx1302 core cell with raspberry pi zero W as host board. I am using the latest version of gateway os base released on 6th jan 2021. I have changed the reset pin to GPIO 25 and power enable pin to GPIO 17. On saving and restarting with above configuration when I run the command “sudo monit summary” chirpstack-concentratord process shows ok for a while. but after 10 seconds when I run the same command, chirpstack-concentratord process shows ‘Does not exist’. Can someone tell me why this is happening. Moreover, the Gateway ID is also showing not configured when I run sudo gateway-config command. PFA log file for the same

I would recommend try running chirpstack-concentratord-sx1302 from the CLI :slight_smile:

Hi brocaar… thanx for your reply… the board i am using does not have a temperature sensor. Can that be the reason for non functioning of my gateway. If that’s so how can i bypass the process of temperature reading? or give a fixed value for temperature

I don’t know, I have tested with the Semtech CoreCell board only so far which works for me. Currently this is the only board that is currently marked as supported (and its Concentratord config file:

If you haven’t yet found out how, have a look to the link bellow.

I have not yet been able to test that PR, but I should receive a RAK2287 shortly (the package is in transit) to test this so that it can be included in the next release :slight_smile: Anyway, support for it is coming soon.

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