ConcentratorD documentation

Are there any docs on the configuration for concentratord? I have managed to get the semtech/lora-net packet forwarder working with my RAK2245 board on an orangepi zero/armbian, but I want to see if concentratorD would run too. But for both implementations I can’t really find decent docs on the configuration parameters aside from some comments in the config files themselves.

A very specific question I have is what the “lorawan_public” parameter does.

Another question is how I can change the spidev settings. Depending on the gateway OS/board, the spidev device can change, and also the RESET GPIO pins. Is there a way I can change those? On my device it is for instance spidev1.0 not spidev0.0 and the GPIO pin is also not the standard RAK2245 pin (GPIO pin 17 on a raspberry pi, but GPIO pin 1 on my board).

See my response in Announcing ChirpStack Concentratord.