Configuration file for loraserver, lora-app-server, lora-gateway-bridge

Hi all,
I’m currently working with Ready to set LoRaWAN based node. And I’m having Dragino multichannel gateway with me.

For that node, they have mentioned some keys which APPEUI is “0000000000000000”. So I’m unable to create the application in TTN with this APPEUI.

So I have decided to work with So I have followed the steps mentioned in the

In that, they have mentioned to set/modify the configuration file in /etc/loraserver/loraserver.toml.

Can anyone tell me briefly what are all the parameters should I need to configure and kindly tell me any example coz I’m new to lorawan server?

Hi, I followed this one, to set everything up on Raspberry pi. Configuration should be just like that.

Thanks for the reply! I will follow the same!