Configuration of LNS to achieve two different concentrators

Hello everyone. My company is interested in buying the RAK Wisgate Edge Pro LoRaWAN Gateway. This is a 16 channel gateway that supports two antennas.

We are thinking about using two different gain antennas with this gateway, a low gain antenna for close by devices and a high gain antenna for devices that are far away.

I asked RAK about the feasibility of this being possible and they told me I have to make additional configurations on my LNS to achieve two different 8 channel concentrators to act as two different gateways with different gain antennas.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible and how i should go about doing this.

Edit: We have a Chirpstack instance deployed

I believe this gateway has two slots for LoRa concentrator cards, which can be used individually so effectively you can create two individual gateways within a single box :slight_smile:

So your setup would look like:

  • Packet forwarder for Slot 1 → ChirpStack
  • Packet forwarder for Slot 2 → ChirpStack

From the ChirpStack side, you will configure two individual gateways.

Thank you for your response. My next question is related to achieving multiple sub-bands in my Chirpstack instance. Currently, I’m using a Docker stack with US915 sub-band 1. How can I configure it to use other sub-bands?

Here’s my current gateway-bridge configuration for reference:


event_topic_template="us915_1/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/event/{{ .EventType }}"
state_topic_template="us915_1/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/state/{{ .StateType }}"
command_topic_template="us915_1/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/command/#"

Any guidance on configuring multiple sub-bands would be appreciated.

Make sure the other sub-band(s) are enabled in the ChirpStack configuration and make sure your ChirpStack Gateway Bridge instances are forwarding to the correct MQTT topics.

Each sub-band would need its own ChirpStack Gateway Bridge instance.