Configuration of lora-gateway-bridge.toml file


I try to establish a connection between loraserver and gateway-bridge, which are installed in different hosts.

More specifically, in host A (with ip i installed loraserver,lora-app-server-postgresql,redis and mqtt broker(+client), while in host B (a RPI 3) i installed lora-gateway-bridge,mqtt and packet forwarder.
My question has to do with the configuration of lora-gateway-bridge.toml file…As mqtt broker run in Host A, i have to specify it, with its IP:

in [backend.mqtt] change line of server as:
(the IP of Host A), instead of as i don’t install in the same machine loraserver and lora-gateway-bridge.

If anything is wrong please correct me.

Thanks in advance,

Any opinion? It has to do with the setup of lora-gateway-bridge config file.

Hello nikospps,
you’re right.
Set mqtt_server to ip_hostA:1883

You can also set udp_bind to beacuse packet forwarder and gateway are on the same machine

Don’t forget to set the port number inside the packet forwarder config_file (in your case 1700 for up and down)